Returns a URL to share the newsletter.

string public_share( string type [, string status_message ] )

Returns a URL with a link to a public version of your newsletter appropriate for social sharing — contains no user-specific information or links. For example, you could create a link from your newsletter that the user can click to “like” that newsletter on Facebook. Note: the URL will rewrite using your Link Domain (or if you do not have one the URL will use the default cb.sailthru)

Supported Types

Facebook Like – fblike:  When subscribers click the link inside an email, a popup box will encourage them to ‘like.’

<a href="{{public_share("fblike")}}">Like this on Facebook</a>

Share on Facebook – fbshare:  Clicking the link provides a Facebook share option with the URL of the campaign pre-populated.

<a href="{{public_share("fbshare")}}">Share on Facebook</a>

Share on Google+ – google

<a href="{{public_share("google")}}">Share this on Google+</a>

At this time you cannot add a description to the google value Share on Twitter – twitter

<a href="{{public_share("twitter", "Checkout this campaign via @sailthru")}}">Like this on Twitter</a>

Returns Public URL For The Campaign – url

<a href="{{public_share("url")}}">Share this Campaign</a>


  • Contrary to campaign content, transactional email (which is highly reliant on templates) never becomes accessible through a web URL. Because of this, when test sending from the template editor, such links will display as links but will not be clickable. To test send with clickable links, use the template to build a campaign and then test send from the campaign editor.

  • If you want to create a link to share a particular item in your newsletter, instead of the newsletter as a whole, see <strong>social_share</strong>.