Returns the current user’s engagement level.

integer user_engagement()

Returns a number from 0 to 6 representing the engagement level of the user being emailed, where:

result Engagement Level
0 Hardbounce or Opt-out
1 Dormant
2 Disengaged
3 New
4 Passive
5 Active
6 Engaged

For more on these engagement levels, see Engagement.

Customized Subject Line Based on Engagement Level

Use Case: For all your disengaged dormant users, you want to show a more tailored subject line, incentivizing them to open.

Zephyr: In the Setup:

{if user_engagement(email) < 3}
{subjectLine = "We miss you!"}
{subjectLine = "Here are today's top stories!"}
In the Basic Tab:

zephyr example subject subjetLine

Output: For Dormant/Disengaged Users:

We miss you!

All Other Users:

Here are today’s top stories!

Explanation: This scripts uses the user_engagement() function to reference the user’s current engagement level. If their engagement level is less than 3, they’ll receive a unique, incentivizing subject line; otherwise, they’ll receive the standard subject line. Note, this particular script would disengaged (a score of 2) and dormant (a score of 1) users. Opted out/hardbounced users (a score of 0) fall into this category but do not get mailed.