Digioh Integration

Integrating Digioh

Digioh’s conversion suite gives marketers the ability to show compelling offers to capture more emails on-site. You can push an email address captured by Digioh into any list. To enable this integration:

  1. Log in to your Digioh account and clicking Integrations. Click the New button and from the next screen, name your integration and choose Engage by Sailthru from the Integration drop-down menu and select the lightbox.
  2. Click Create Integration and on the next screen you’ll be asked for your API key and Secret. We recommend using an application-specific API key dedicated to Digioh on this screen. Speak to your customer success manager and ask them to generate a key for your Digioh integration.
  3. Once you’ve saved your Engage by Sailthru settings you’ll see the Engage by Sailthru integration listed in your Integrations section.
  4. Click on “Choose a List” from the Engage by Sailthru integrations actions menu.
  5. Once a list is selected it will automatically push Name and Email to your list (only email if you are only collecting emails). Digioh can also pass in custom fields such as phone number or job title as well as browsing data.

Best Practice: Connecting your account with a third party vendor requires a 3rd party API Key and Secret. For your account security, you should use a different Key and Secret for each integration. Contact support to request an integration-specific Key and Secret. Below is a complete list of Digioh browsing-analytics data that can be shared.

  • [CITY]
  • [REGION]
  • [DEVICE]