Persado Integration

Persado enables marketers to identify the words and phrases that emotionally connect with consumers to increase short term sales and build lasting, lifetime value. The integration enables marketers to use Persado Connect to optimize and test subject lines for optimal performance. By following this guide you can effectively run Persado experiments on email campaigns.

Best Practice: Connecting your account with a third party vendor requires a 3rd party API Key and Secret. For your account security, you should use a different Key and Secret for each integration. Contact support to request an integration-specific Key and Secret.

Running a Persado Experiment

Follow these steps to run a complete Persado experiment:

  1. Enable Persado Connect for your account.
  2. Split your audience list into two sub-lists.
  3. Create a campaign.
  4. Test your symbols and emojis.
  5. Schedule your campaign.
  6. Share your results with Persado.
  7. Schedule the Broadcast phase of your experiment.


Enable Persado Connect on your Account

  1. Ask your Customer Success Manager for an application-specific API Key and Secret to enable the Persado integration.
  2. Once you receive your API Key and Secret, please send them to Persado who can enable Persado Connect for you. NOTE: In order to ensure the installation went smoothly a Persado representative might run a test campaign with you during training.
  3. By the end of this process, Persado will be able to push subject lines to your account.


Create a Persado Campaign

Persado will send you an email with the Subject Lines and the minimum sample size for your experiment. If you are happy with the Subject Lines, you will be ready to set up your campaign.

1. Split your audience list into two sub-lists

Only follow this step if you are planning to split your list between Exploration and Broadcast. If that is the case, first split your audience into two sub-lists (one for your Exploration and one for your Broadcast phase). Let's see how this is done step by step.

  1. To split your audience list into sub-lists, navigate to "Users" and then "Audience Builder":
  2. On the next page, choose your audience source.
  3. Define your desired audience using the options from the left hand navigation and then select 'Other Actions" from the bottom left hand side of the screen and choose Generate Natural List.
  4. Click on the "Generate List" and give a name to the new list that you will create.
  5. Update the "Optional: Limit List Size" field of your experiment with the value provided by the Persado representative. This number is the minimum campaign sample size that your Exploration phase needs to have. Then, press "Start Generate Job":
  6. With the rest of your audience you will need to create the second list that you will use for the Broadcast phase of your experiment.
  7. The new list will have the same "Source list" as the previous, but please notice that this time the "Optional: Limit List Size" should be empty and for the "is not a member of list" criterion you should add the list name you created earlier.
  8. From your audience list you have created two sub-lists, for the Exploration and the Broadcast phase respectively:

Note1: It is very important to turn on the switch featured above. This will make the list you just created Primary from Secondary. You should only use a Primary list to schedule a Persado campaign. This is because the system automatically provides reporting for Primary lists, while Secondary lists do not have any reporting provided.

Noye 2: You can change your lists from Secondary to Primary only if you are an Account Admin. Otherwise, you cannot make those changes.

2. Create a Campaign

  1. To create a campaign, first log in to your Engage by Sailthru account.
  2. Navigate to "Communications" and then to "Campaigns".
  3. On the resulting page, click on "Create New":
  4. Name your campaign, select "Email" as the channel type for your campaign and "Regular Campaign" as your campaign type, and click "Create Campaign".
  5. On the next page, choose your target audience, here it's the exploration experiment list we just created, and your suppressed audience.
  6. Then, click "Save & Continue":
  7. Communicate with a Persado representative to provide the name of your campaign & your approval for the Persado content. The subject lines will soon be in your account.

3. Test Any Symbols and Emojis

Persado will push the Subject Lines to your account and will notify you. When that happens, navigate to "Configure" page of your campaign. In the "Email Subject" field you can find the code of the subject lines that have been imported from Persado. Please do not make any changes in this field. Your subject lines have arrived. You will now need to test the emojis and symbols that were sent to your account, so you are sure that they are all displayed correctly.

Note: Persado does not recommend scheduling your campaign without using the "Test Send" feature to test the Persado emojis and symbols first.

  1. Create a copy of your campaign. Go to your dashboard and press "Copy". Then, name your new campaign.
  2. Navigate to the "Configure" page. There, you can see the imported subject lines, copied from your original experiment.
  3. Delete the text and code from this field and keep only your symbols and emojis. Then press "Save & Continue".
  4. In the top right corner of the next page, you find the "Test Send" feature to test your Subject Lines and email body. To do that, press the "Test Send" button:
  5. On the modal window, select the email address to which the test email will be sent.
  6. A test email is sent with your emoijis and symbols. Make sure that they are all displayed correctly.

Note: Make sure that your emojis and symbols are correct. If any of them is incorrect or missing please let you Persado representative know.

4. Schedule Your Campaign

  1. Navigate back to your original campaign. In the "Configure" page press "Save & Continue".
  2. On the next page, insert the body of your emails and press "Save & Continue".
  3. Set the date and time at which your campaign will be sent out.
  4. On the next page, review your campaign before scheduling it. Then, press "Schedule".


Share Your Results with Persado

Once your campaign has finished sending, you can retrieve its analytics and share them with Persado. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. To get your results, navigate to the "Analytics" tab:
  2. Select "Campaigns" and "Campaign Summary":
  3. On the next page, select the campaign you want to download results for:
  4. Click on the "Download Campaign Statistics Zip":
  5. Now you have downloaded the file containing the statistics of your campaign. Unzip the file and open the subjects.csv:
  6. View your statistics based on the subject lines you tested in your campaign:
  7. Share your results with the Persado representative and soon you will have the campaign analysis and Subject Lines for the Broadcast phase of your experiment.


Schedule the Broadcast Phase for the List-Remainder

If you did not use your entire audience in the Exploration phase of your experiment, then you are now able to send the Subject Lines of your Broadcast phase to the remainder of your audience.

  1. Create a new campaign using the sub-list created for the Broadcast phase of your experiment.
  2. Repeat the process to get the Subject Lines of your Broadcast phase and schedule your experiment.
  3. Export and share your results with Persado to see your reporting.