Includes and Reusable Content

Includes are reusable segments of code or content that you can use throughout your templates and email campaigns. The most common use of an include is to create a standard header or footer to use across multiple templates. When you need to make a change, you can just edit a single include rather than making changes manually across all of the affected templates.

Create an Include

Click on the Content tab and select Includes. When creating an include, you must provide a name and create both an HTML and a Text version.


Use an Include

Invoke the include in the Code tab of your template/campaign editor. This is done using the the 'include' function and the name of your include within Zephyr syntax.

For example, if your include was named "footer" you would call it into the template/campaign with the following syntax:



Includes can't be nested. Include syntax is not dynamically evaluated, so an include can't be nested inside another include.