Data Transfers

List of Current Sub Processors

Engage by Sailthru Subprocessors

NameProcessing LocationDescription
Amazon Web ServicesUnited StatesCloud hosting provider
TableauUnited StatesData visualization within Engage by Sailthru’s software
SnowflakeUnited StatesCloud data platform provider
DatabricksUnited StatesCloud data platform provider
HerokuUnited StatesCloud services provider for the Shopify Integration
RedisLabsUnited StatesCloud services provider for the Shopify Integration
Mongo DB, Inc.United StatesDatabase licensing and support provider
AuthO, Inc.United StatesAccount user authentication
GreenArrow United StatesEmail deliverability consultation as an add-on service.
Zendesk, Inc.United StatesSupport ticket management system
AtlassianUnited StatesProject management system
G SuiteUnited StatesEmail communication, calendar, and online document storage
SlackUnited StatesDirect messaging platform

Engage by Sailthru Affiliates

Sailthru is part of Marigold Group, a collection of marketing technology service providers. Certain internal business purposes which relate to Engage by Sailthru’s services may be provided by affiliates of Marigold. For more information about Marigold, please visit CM Group’s website.
Sailthru NZ Limited (Sailthru, Inc. subsidiary) – NZ Sailthru UK Limited (Sailthru, Inc. subsidiary) – NZNew ZealandEngineering and product development for Sailthru Mobile
Last Updated: April 1, 2022
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