Hosted Pages Overview

Create Hosted Pages where your users can sign up for email or modify their email preferences.

Hosted Pages provide convenient, built-in functionality for adding custom profile fields, sending welcome emails, adding or removing users from lists, and allowing users to opt out. Each page can be customized to your company’s design requirements. It is required that the opt-out page for your account is hosted by the platform. We provide many options for customizing this page, including offering “opt-down” alternatives that respect users’ preferences while increasing user retention. There are three types of Hosted Pages. Click a page type for instructions on how to get started.
  • Signup – Create a user-signup form to acquire new users.
    • Useful for user acquisition and list signups, as well as contests and partnerships.
    • Collect user data in custom dropdowns or text fields.
    • User data is sent to the system with no API implementation required.
    • Automate welcome emails in response to signups.
  • User Management – Allow opt-outs or preference changes (such as ‘opt-downs’).
    • An initial optout page is created by default, which you can brand by using custom CSS.
    • Easily access and display the current user’s profile fields on the page.
    • Allow users to ‘opt-down’, limiting themselves to certain email lists rather than opting out of email altogether.
    • Set user opt-out levels, for example, allow users to opt out of campaign emails but still receive important transactional messages like order confirmations or password resets.
  • Other – Confirmation or “thank you” pages.
    • For each Signup or User Management page, you can
      • Select a specific hosted page to load automatically when the form is submitted,
      • Select a page on your own domain to load, instead, or
      • First redirect to the hosted confirmation page, and then redirect to your page after a specified number of seconds.
    • A default confirmation page is set up for you in your account. You could simply update its CSS to align with your company’s branding.
When creating a Signup or User Management page, you may also want to read more about implementing Input Validation and Setting Custom Profile Fields (User Vars) in your hosted page forms, or more information on the domains and URLs for these pages.

To keep up with the requirements of expanding global regulation of privacy, Sailthru has committed itself to a product development framework considering privacy by design and by default. This framework requires that we continually evaluate existing and future product functionality to ensure that privacy is at the forefront of our services. Based on internal evaluation, we have modified the features that passed email addresses as query parameters by default to instead pass information in a hashed format. (November 17, 2020)