Split the flow into multiple test branches. Decide what percentage of users will randomly enter each test branch and experience the unique set of steps that you add to each branch. All test branches automatically rejoin after any steps you include within them.

Create a Test

When you add a test, two default test segment branches are created with branch A set to receive 90% of traffic and branch B set to receive 10%.
  • To add an additional test branch, click Add Segment. Your test can have up to five segment branches. Within those branches, any steps are allowed, including further branching through additional tests or checks.
  • Hover over the circle icon on any test branch circle-retina  to add steps to that branch.
  • To choose the percentage of your audience who will move to each branch, in the Edit Test window, click to modify a percentage or drag the slider left or right.



Reference Prior Steps

In Lifecycle Optimizer, some steps allow you to reference prior steps:
  • Checks of whether the user made a purchase or visited your site since a specific, prior step in the flow.
  • Checks of whether the user opened or clicked an email sent via a specific, prior step in the flow.
When adding one of these checks to a test branch, the prior step you wish to reference must be outside the test and must have been part of the flow for all users (i.e. not part of a prior test within the flow).


Monitor Test Results

When you open the flow and enable the Metrics toggle, you can view metrics for each branch of your test, as well as the other steps in the flow.


Delete a Test or Select a Winner

You cannot delete a test until you have deleted all steps from all but one branch. When you delete the test step, any steps on the remaining branch are merged into the rest of the flow so that they will be reached by all users. These steps will follow immediately from the step that preceded the test and will proceed on to any steps that existed after the test. To end a test and continue the flow using your preferred, 'winning' test branch for all users, as described above, delete any unwanted branches' steps before deleting the test itself and saving your flow. See Edit Active Flows for more information on editing an active Lifecycle Optimizer flow.


Random Selection and Flow Reentry

When a user reaches a specific test within a specific flow for the first time, the user is randomly assigned a branch for that test and enters that branch. If, within two years, the user reenters the same flow and again reaches the same test step, the user will follow the same test branch that was previously assigned to that user. However, when you Save As on a given flow or delete and recreate the test step, you are creating a new test step for which all users will again be randomly assigned on their first encounter. If your flow contains multiple test steps, a user may not be in the same test group for each test. Since groups are randomly selected, test groups will change between test steps. (For example, a user may be in group A for test 1, group C for test 2, group A again for test 3, and so on.)