Mobile Audiences Overview

With Mobile's Audiences feature, create re-usable audience segments of your mobile app users, which you can then target with an optimal messaging strategy. There are endless ways to segment your audience, but common ways include:

  • Users who haven't used your apps in the last 7 days
  • Users who have purchased an in-app subscription or performed a certain action
  • Users who have recently installed the app
  • Users from a particular city or area



  1. Create Audiences - Define and set up specific segments of your existing app users. Using Audiences enables you to send the most relevant messages to each segment based on their behaviors and attributes.
  2. A/B Test Groups - These groups are available as evenly-distributed sub-groups of your users. You can test different messages, creative content, offers, etc., by sending multiple versions of the same message to two or more groups.
  3. Using Location Tracking - Learn about the key considerations and methods for obtaining and using geolocation data.