Audience Overview

Use Lists to organize users and create segments of your audience that you can message and track. Maintain Natural Lists as repositories for your users, then use Audience Builder to further segment and report on your audience, grouping users into dynamically updating Smart Lists based on highly-customizable filters. Filters can leverage a wide range of user data that you pass to the system or which is produced automatically, such as user engagement levels, user locations, or other behavioral data.


Managing Users

How to add and update users in Sailthru, and manage stored data, such as user variables.

Managing Lists

The types of lists and how they are used across channels.

User Data Exports

Create list exports containing your choice of associated data for each user.

Audience Builder

Allows for highly specific reporting on users and segmenting of users into Smart Lists.


View a series of user-level predictions of future behavior across your userbase and differentiate user or segment targeting based on these predicted behaviors.